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    News-Zhejiang Haihong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Its main products are engineering, lifting, transportation and other machinery and car supporting hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps and gear pumps.

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    News-Zhejiang Haihong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.

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    • The Capacity of PLA to Grow in China

      The Capacity of PLA to Grow in China2017-08-26
      Recently, the domestic market research institute CCM International publishes the up to date report Lactic Acid and Polylactic Acid in China, production situation, technology problem, cost and other important domestic producers are mainly be surveyed in this report mainly, as well as the differences and advantages in the top five domestic producers.

    • NAPCOR and Essel Propack

      NAPCOR and Essel Propack2017-08-26
      Recent research into manufacturing closures made partly of bio-based resin by India’s Essel Propack Ltd. has upset some in the recycling industry, even as company officials denied that they plan to introduce the product into the most commonly recycled plastics materials’ reclamation streams. Essel Propack, which makes tubes, caps and closures, has been testing a hybrid of polypropylene and what the firm originally said was polylactic acid for tube closures.

    • Prices for PP, PVC fall in May

      Prices for PP, PVC fall in May2017-08-28
      North American selling prices for polypropylene have plummeted since May 1, with suspension PVC prices making a smaller drop as well. The PP number is down an average of 12 cents per pound, and suspension PVC has fallen an average of 4 cents, according to buyers and market watchers contacted recently by Plastics News. That represents a one-month drop of almost 11 percent for PP and almost 5 percent for PVC, according to the PN resin pricing chart.

    • Ineos sells films business to Bilcare

      Ineos sells films business to Bilcare2017-08-26
      Ineos Group has agreed to sell its global films business to Bilcare, the Indian-based group which provides pharmaceutical packaging which enables drug stabilization and protection. The transaction price is approximately €100m. The deal comprises the business, assets and personnel related to Ineos Films operations located in North America, Europe, and Asia. The two companies said the agreement “brings together complimentary capabilities and synergies of two leading global businesses”.

    Haihong Hydraulic

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