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    History-About Us-Zhejiang Haihong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Its main products are engineering, lifting, transportation and other machinery and car supporting hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps and gear pumps.

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    History-About Us-Zhejiang Haihong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.

           Sales hotline:0576-85182037

    Technical hotline:0576-85183757

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    About Us Haihong

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    Haihong Hydraulic Technology Stock Co., Ltd.

    In 1970 The establishment of Linhai General Machinery.The early eighties production of construction machinery hydraulic parts,and renamed the Hydraulic Component Factory Zhejiang Linhai; In 1992 Mergers and other manufacturers founded the coastal Haihong Industrial Company; In 1995 Zhejiang to become a modern enterprise system first batch of 100 units, started the modern enterprise system reform; In 1997  Linhai Haihong Group was established ,under the jurisdiction of six production companies and five operating companies, formed as the leading construction machinery hydraulic components, production, operating as an integrated, cross-regional economic entities. In 2008 From the former state owned enterprises to a joint

    stock enterprises; In 2010 Overall change Zhejiang Haihong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.. In recent years, the company is committed to new product development, technological innovation.Pay close attention to product quality, brand expand the market, and achieved good economic and social effects.Company's consolidated financial indicators for 10 consecutive years in the forefront of domestic hydraulic industry. After 40 years of hard work and tireless efforts, Haihong hydraulics has become well-

    known professional manufacturer of hydraulic parts.The company employees 700 people, including professional and technical personnel of the total number of 30%.In 2009, the company's new land 200 acres, with investment of 3.5 billion new plant 10 thousand square meters, annual output of hydraulic pressure to form a production capacity of 700,000.

    Haihong Hydraulic

    Sales hotline:0576-85182037

    Technical hotline:+86-0576-85183757   Fax:+86-0576-85182843     Hydraulic valve | Map
    E-mail:haihong@cn-hydraulic.com   Add:199 Jinling Road,Jiangnan sub-district,Linhai,Zhejiang.

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