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    About Us-Zhejiang Haihong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Its main products are engineering, lifting, transportation and other machinery and car supporting hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps and gear pumps.

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    About Us-Zhejiang Haihong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.

           Sales hotline:0576-85182037

    Technical hotline:0576-85183757

    About Us

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    About Us Haihong

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    Haihong Hydraulic Technology Stock Co., Ltd.

    As the domestic leading hydraulic manufacture enterprise, ZhejiangHaihong Hydraulics Technology Co.,Ltd., which was founded in 1970 with a longhistory. The company covers an area of 200 mu, building area of 100000 ㎡,It is a high-tech enterprise supported by the state and a standingdirector of China Hydraulics Pneumatic & Seals Association.

    Products cover engineering machinery, industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, military industry, environmental protection vehicle hydraulic valve, oil cylinder and other parts, a total of more than 40 series, more than 600 varieties, is the present domestic the most complete line of hydraulic parts manufacturers. Major products supporting Sanygruoup, XCNG, ZOOMLION, LiuGong, AnhuiHeli, Hangzhou fork, Linde forklift, BYD, John Deere, LONGKING, XIAGONG, ZOOMLION nongji, Shantui, ICC, JACZG, changzhou KeShi domestic each big engineering machinery such as host production enterprises, some products with the host exports or directly sold to overseas markets.

    Company always has been in technology innovation as a strategy,customer-orientated for the purpose, has the abundant scientific andtechnological strength and R&D capability. The company has a High-techEnterpriseR&DCenter and EnterpriseTechnology Center of Zhejiang. Through increased the spending on R&D,company’s R&DCenter has independentlydeveloped a series of core technologies with the leading domestic andinternational standards. Company owns 65 patents, 15 of which were patented.is certified as Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise. Company hasparticipated in the formulation of various national and industry standards, isNational (Industry) Standard Setting Unit. It obtained ISO9001 certification,“Linhong” engineering hydraulic valve brand has been awarded as “Famous Brandin ZhejiangProvince”. Company also participated inthe R&D and manufacturing of the national science and technology supportprogram.

    Weare looking forward to your cooperation to open up a promising futuretogether.  

    Haihong Hydraulic

    Sales hotline:0576-85182037

    Technical hotline:+86-0576-85183757   Fax:+86-0576-85182843     Hydraulic valve | Map
    E-mail:haihong@cn-hydraulic.com   Add:199 Jinling Road,Jiangnan sub-district,Linhai,Zhejiang.

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